We have been committed to these people for over 21 years

Himalayan Health Center has its roots in Himalayan Health Exchange (HHE), a company that has been leading medical expeditions into the Himalayas since 1996 under the direction of Ravinder Singh, Founder. HHE is now bringing medical and dental care services to over 12,000 people each year. Through these expeditions, the critical need for permanent clinics has become evident. While the care delivered by HHE traveling medical professionals is essential, their work is severely limited by the lack of permanent clinics.

For the past 21 years, our board members and volunteers have been traveling on foot and by road to remote settlements and villages of the Indo-Tibetan borderlands to provide free medical care to a mix of Tibetan refugees, Northern Indians and Gaddis, a sheep-herding tribe of the Himalayas.

Through these camps, we have provided over 240,000 people with free medicines, medical and dental care.

We have also sponsored over 500 patients for specialized eye and heart surgeries (MVRs). All of our board members have experience with the healthcare system in the region. It is this extensive, first-hand experience upon which the Himalayan Health Center has been developed.