Without your help, providing reliable and essential healthcare will be impossible

Right now, our traveling health camps are the only source of accessible healthcare for many of the people in the Trans-Himalayas.

In order to continue and expand upon our current programs, donations are a vital source of funding. Without them, providing reliable and essential healthcare is impossible.

Your contribution will have a direct and life-changing impact on this deserving and profoundly underserved population.

We are in need of financial donations and equipment. We are always looking for volunteers with experience in either healthcare, or administration and fundraising.

Your contributions have a broader impact than the dollar value of your gift.

Establishing a deeper engagement with wider civil society through your donations will help build a better and healthier culture for one of the fastest growing countries in our world today. Your investment in these communities will not only provide healthcare for patients and jobs through construction and maintenance, but also provide a refuge of hope to an area in great need.

See how your contribution can help today