We are working in an extraordinary place

Our annual health expeditions cover all 4 regions of Outer, Inner, Greater and Trans-Himalayas in North India. Our teams have reached as far as the Chang Thang Plateau and ancient villages and settlements of Spiti and Zanskar. Beneficiaries of our services have been the nomadic Changpa Tribe, Tibetan descendants of the ancient 'Guge Empire' of Tibet now settled in the Indian administered region of Spiti and natives of the Inner and Greater Himalayas.

The need for health care is great

Our healthcare teams have overcome the hurdles of travel over a rough mountainous terrain, extreme high altitude and an unpredictable weather pattern to bring free care to the natives of these remote areas. We have built 3 permanent clinics, and we are now extending this network by building 2 additional clinics to provide year-round free medical and dental care and supplies to these underserved people for whom travelling long distances on foot for basic healthcare is a monumental task.